It is a coming out of sorts, this whole thing about admitting I care more than I thought I did about the environment.

Being eco-friendly has never been something that I was proud of simply because I thought most of it impractical. I’m rarely a frontrunner in championing causes because I just don’t see possibilities the way some of my friends do, but with their visionary tendencies now becoming eco-friendly and supporting sustainability causes is just so much more feasible.

I took a good look at the ways in which I might be able to live more sustainably and broadly I think my efforts can be categorized into three:
1. Reducing the amount of plastics I use
2. Using chemicals or disposables that are biodegradable and/or environmentally-friendly
3.  Eating clean, sustainably-produced foods

Notice how I just collapsed my foray into meal-prep into those three points. 😛

I’m not intending for my efforts to pay off in a huge way. It’s impossible for me as one person, or even a household, to impact the frightening numbers in environmental studies, even in the long-run. No, but what we can do is to embrace the challenge instead of writing it off, and if I can’t get to zero waste, at least I’m reduced/low waste.

Started new tags under #zerowaste, #eco-friendly and #mealprep for the sole purpose of it becoming a chronicle of sorts. I have learnt so much from others who have been kind enough to share their knowledge and would hope that others can pick a few tips here and there from what I do. 🙂


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