So the best friend @Jean Lee and I headed for our usual weekend hustle. The past few weeks, we’d gone to Coffee Bean Tea Leaf at Rail Mall, but this week in particular, she was craving Revelry’s Cookie Monster milkshake, and so we headed there.

Lo and behold, beside Revelry where Nook Pancakes used to be, there was a new cafe. Not surprising, as Nook had been empty for a long time now. But the new tenant immediately got us chattering about next week’s plans.

At first we couldn’t believe our eyes. A pet cafe? In Lorong Kilat? What even?

Then we realized the ingenuity of the plan. Beside the cafe, there was a vet clinic that had been there for years. There was even a Pet Lovers’ Centre sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the Beauty World food road. There were always dogs walking around the Lorong Kilat area. And of course, plenty of cafegoers already flocking here to visit Signature Patisserie, Carpenter & Cook and a whole host of famous eateries nearby (Cheong Chin Nam is just 2 streets away). It was a great plan.

On first inspection, the menu offerings seemed pretty reasonable, with prices only S$1-2 more expensive to the other comparable eateries in this area.

They also offer Free Wi-Fi, which made it a great proposition for us to be there with Jean’s furkid, Bebe, for our weekly study dates.

Only time will tell how the cafe will fare, but we have high, high hopes for this joint!

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