Ah, the holy trinity of unicorn cards. I never thought there would come a day when I’d be holding all 3 of them in my wallet.

Way before I got into the miles game, UOB launched, and then subsequently demarketed the card. Mind you, this was back in 2015. Not long after I got into the miles game, I began looking for a dining card (check out Aaron’s article here).

But this was 2017, 2 whole years after the card had been demarketed.

I tried every method, calls, mail, SMS. And while I’m still not sure what worked, here’s my timeline.
1 Apr: Tried via SMS
– Called CSO somewhere in between –
6 Apr: UOB PP Visa application approved (from online application)
8 Apr: Tried via SMS twice
21 Apr: CSO called back and offered PRVI Miles portfolio instead, which I took up
12 May: Tried via SMS
– Sent two mail applications sometime in between –
– Called CSO somewhere in between –
– CSO called back to say card is not available any more –
24 May: Tried via SMS
27 May: Tried via SMS
6 Jun: UOB PP Amex and MC application approved (via SMS)
Text reads “UOB is pleased to inform that your Preferred Platinum AMEX, Preferred Platinum MasterCard application(s) is/are successful. Call 1800 222 2121 for other queries.”
9 Jun: UOB PP MC arrives in the mailer with PINS for both cards – no sign of the Amex?!
14 Jun: SMS from UOB “A new UOB Card ending XXXX has been sent to you. Take a minute to activate your card: Call 18003868188 or visit uob.com.sg/activate. Thank you!”
15 Jun: UOB PP Amex is in my hands!

You can imagine the scare I got when my UOB PP MC came and my Amex didn’t, and I already committed a photo to Aaron for this post at that time. Malu can.

The reason why I tried so hard to get this card is because: (a) I can’t rest easy until I have the optimal arrangement for my credit cards (which has resulted in almost 18 open lines of credit, BUT my credit score doesn’t stink!) and (b) the AMEX is really the Rolls Royce of dining, after my unfortunate run-in with the HSBC Advance.

Coincidentally, I was looking for a card to pay off my AXS bills that day, and realized that the UOB PP MC might be the last ditch attempt to gain some paltry miles off AXS payments.. but we shall see 😉

To be very frank, no one is sure of the mechanics behind securing the card. Aaron’s post has some very logically sound theories, and someone in the comments wrote an entire paragraph of rational too. Much dedicated. But if you ask me if I know what sealed the deal – I don’t. I think the paper applications don’t really work – unless they really take that long to process. Now that there are more confirmed sightings (there weren’t when I was in the process of applying), just send a daily SMS and try your luck. You never know!

3 thoughts on “Finding Unicorns: UOB Preferred Platinum Mastercard & Amex”

  1. Hi what is the benefit of the UOB PP MC? I have the card but total forgot about its feature and UOB has removed the website.

    1. I really can’t remember 🙁 I haven’t used that card since I got it. Think it nets you a measly 0.4mpd on some categories.

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