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My friend Jasmine came over from Singapore last week, and we were walking around Gangnam looking for food when I remembered that my Korean teacher strongly recommended a pizza place in Yeoksam-dong. Turns out it was just round the corner from where we were! Couldn’t help but step in and try it – we sure didn’t regret it.

The branch we visited was the one in Seocho – coincidentally located at the same building the cat cafe I talked about in an earlier post was at! This was on the second floor and can easily be spotted from ground level. The restaurant was pretty empty when we went at about noon on Thursday.

They have a bunch of specialty pizzas, including Crab Meat Cream Chicago Pizza, Bacon Cream Chicago Pizza, etc. but we chose the Bulgogi Cream Chicago Pizza in a set that came with chicken tenders, some fries and 2 soft drinks. This cost us about 36,000₩ and was way too much for two to finish over lunch (and we were very hungry) so we did the Singaporean thing and dapao-ed home. Haha!

Food took about 10 minutes (which I am very impressed with, food in Korea is served with haste and I love it). We spent that time enjoying the ambience and admiring the streets of Seoul from our window seat. The whole restaurant was decked in very 1970s American style furnishing, and felt laidback, cosy, just the right place to settle in for a casual lunch.

The pizza was incredibly cheesy, the beef bulgogi was marinated well and was very sweet. The crust wasn’t made of the conventional white bread, rather, I think they made it of wholemeal or some other very healthy buckwheat type bread. If you’re allergic to that, please do check with the waiters! The cheese was just the right consistency, not melted to goo, and was mildly saltish. Their fries and chicken tenders were so-so (compared to the mind-blowing pizza) and they had a bunch of different sauces to go with them, including the standard mayonnaise and honey mustard. We were very impressed by the garlic sauce that Jasmine picked up from the sauce counter – it turned out to be very savoury without being overpowering. You won’t be driving away vampires with this one.

Feels a bit odd to be trying pizza in Korea, I know, but there are some great pizza joints in Seoul (which honestly kicks ass) so I’m just going to go and try the ones over at Brick Oven too. These pizzas are not your run of the mill dough and ingredients affair. It’s a melted fusion of cheesy goodness with some great meat to taste. Seoul’s pizzas are definitely no gentle affair – you must try some pizza while you’re here. No regrets now 🙂

서울 서초구 서초대로77길 9 (서초동, 강남 누드죤빌딩) 2층
Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seocho-daero 77-gil 9
Nearest exit: Gangnam Station (Line 2, Sinbundang Line) Exit 11 

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