More Than A TV Star – Innovator
SMTM 4 Ep. 8 (Team YG)
Composer: Tablo, SHAUN
Lyrics: Innovator, Tablo
Arrangement: LIFE AND TIME
Translations: © @chelseaaasj

English translations of More Than Just a TV Star by Innovator in Show Me The Money 4 Ep. 8 (SMTM4 Episode 8) No. 1 on Team YG (Tablo, Jinusean).

HAN/ROM coming soon.

Some graduated prestigiously
And said they was busy making money
When they get recognition from family and friends
“What am I doing?” I think like that often these days
Even so time goes by, the clock goes tick-tock

That’s right, I didn’t know that time was going by
I didn’t know how to live life to the fullest like a man
My father told me, “Of all the things you’re doing, not one is working,
What are you going to do?”
My ex-girlfriend said so too, “By whose words are you a genius,
and why don’t others notice?”
I don’t know too, what I’m doing

Sometimes I become doubtful of what I’m trying to do
So let’s stop for a moment, turn around and look
What’s flowing from my eyes now
Whether it’s tears or sweat, I don’t really know so
I pray for you dreamers

If you have a dream, boy
Even if you wander in the darkness
I’ll pray that you become a star
If you have a dream, girl
Don’t let the world change who you are
You can be more than a TV star

I came out on TV, for my mother and my father
For the world and people who denied me
To say yeah I did it boy
Those who denied me now look at me and smile saying, “You can do it boy”
I just dreamed and came here, I just lived and danced
My body which always wanted to move freely
If I felt happy I sang
My mother would drench the world in tears
I hated how selfish I was
My happiness became huge hurts to my family
I hated myself, I was my father’s pain
I hated myself, I was my own pain
But you see me I’m on TV
For doing whatever I wasn’t believed in for, I’m the boss
The jerk who received choices beneath his dreams, the body that always followed the light
Yes I’m the chosen one, superstar the number one

Everytime I look up in the sky
I see the stars and
I can hear my God says
This is who you are

Baby if you looking for the stars
It’s not far, just turn off the TV
And look into a mirror

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