Recently I’ve been hanging around Bukit Timah a lot, especially around the Lorong Kilat area, and The Udder Pancake just sort of hopped onto my radar.

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You can guess what happened to the door after that.

I love cafes with good design – if I’m paying a premium for the food, it’d best include the design and ambience. The entire cafe had the usual stools and chairs but the table all the way in front had these uncomfortable slabs of stone for chairs. I didn’t want to sit in the corner of the cafe because it was so dark and a waste of a beautiful Saturday, so I opted for the one closest to the sunlight and got a shock when I sat down.

Get this – this is a cushion.

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Upon settling into these plush rocks and surprising the two diners opposite us, we looked through the lovely handdrawn menu and decided on our biggest meal of the day. Because it was 4PM and I’d just woken up barely 1.5 hours earlier, I went all the way and ordered The Full Monty, which set me back $21.90 (the upper limit of the menu) since it was covering breakfast, lunch and tea anyway. Topped that with a cup of Gryphon’s Earl Grey with Lavender, while Mummy had Ice Lemon Tea with her set (herb chicken with pancakes, something along those lines).

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Don’t these look absolutely delectable?!

Need to say, the food was scrumptious (as it should be if I’m paying that kind of money). The Full Monty really has something going for it though. Two pieces of smoked salmon, two slices of bacon (that doesn’t taste like jerky, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and tomato, rabbit food, baked beans, and four fluffy pancakes (and butter topped with salt crystals need I say more?) makes for a just-nice fill for the big breakfast eater.

While we were waiting for our food (about 15-20 mins), we had some time to take in our.. shall we say, peculiar surroundings.

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Got suckered in really really quickly with all these hipster signs. Plastered all over cafe, these unique glass houses hold interesting content, distinguishing the brand from the Udder ice cream joint next door, which had much more mellow decor.

All in all, the afternoon at The Udder Pancake was pretty well-spent, and I didn’t leave regretting the amount I spent. Probably not a frequent haunt as Revelry is, but a novelty brunch place. Will be coming back with my camera to take better photos of the lovely interior. Am no foodie, but I find myself looking forward to my next indulgence!

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