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One whole holiday, and only one day off. Not even a day I spent alone (though I tried to) so I’m effectively going back to school just as drained as when I left. Sigh.

Recuperating usually includes some form of coffee and reading, and I prefer quiet areas in godforsaken places where I won’t bump into anyone I know. Chun Tin Court is perfect for this. It’s one of my favourite hangouts, especially on Sunday mornings when I don’t have classes to attend. There’s been a wave of cafes there recently, with Udders Pancakes and Cafe Aoyama Collaborative joining old kids Nook House of Pancakes and Carpenter & Cook. Revelry is also new to the area, and it’s snuggled in between Nook and C&C.

Upon arriving at the cafe the first thing you’ll see is this giant wall mural of a tribal elephant. That should be the first indication of how hipster this cafe is. If you go to cafes solely for the photographic elements, this cafe is just paradise. With quirky decorations and vibrant colours, you’ll be pulling out your camera for everything.

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The first thing that caught my eye in the cake display was this Stylo Milo cake. Ordered it right away, and it was great. Milo Cheesecake, not too thick and creamy, fluffy and just the right thickness. Loved it! Beware the powder though, I’m still sweeping Milo powder out from the pages of my book. Had my usual iced mocha and it was good too. By the way, remember what I said about the photographic elements – notice how the spoon is quaintly shaped like a crown, and the menu is a flipchart-style. These things make allthe difference!

I also had garlic chicken wings, which were delectable. Fried just right, the chickens were fragrant on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. My only quip would be that it’s a tad oily, but nobody’s complaining when it tastes that good.

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There’s also a spot of greenery on the balcony outside the cafe area, and it’s perfect for thawing out the cold, or relaxing.

Facilities-wise, they have free wi-fi but limited power sockets. Seems like a great place to work on a weekday afternoon though, quiet and undisturbed. It’s also pretty spacious so don’t worry about being cramped up against someone else’s bag, and the tables are quite large, perfect for people who love spreading their things out on the table (me) while reading, studying or working. The staff are also really cheery and service was great while I was there.

All in all, a great experience, and possibly my next secret hideout. Will be going a few doors down to try out the food, but when it comes to looking for a safe harbour, this is my refuge of choice. 🙂

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