There must come a point in time when you are tried to the full extent of your resources and you realize you still have to give more.

For a good number of my ventures thus far, there were no reasons to say that I gave it my all. I think, to some extent, I even shunned that idea – never stretching myself to the limit, never approaching that gentle line of pouring all I had into any one venture. Doing so would simply give failure much more bearing, and I saw no sense in having that occur.

And now I find myself asking these questions to which there are no easy answers: dare I burn my bridges? Can I recuperate if I lose? Will I ever gain the same stead again?

But yet there is a nagging voice in me that reminds me that if I never brace myself, never prepare myself for this one full exertion, to be tried to my limits and stretched to oblivion, I may never have the opportunity to be anything more than mediocre.

So I’ll do just that. Even if I am tiring faster than I expected to, even if I may be stretched taut and even snap – let’s give it a shot. I’ll never know if I don’t.

They say youth is a medicine for even the most grave of injuries sustained. I sure hope it is. It is all I will have after banking the rest of my resources on this one endeavour.

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