For archival purposes, a full list of plays I’ve watched in 2014. 🙂


  1. 人民公敌 Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen (九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre) [M1 FRINGE FESTIVAL 2014] x
  2. 艺术 Art by Yasmina Reza (九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre) [华艺 HUAYI 2014] x
  3. 江南好人 The Good Soul of South Yangtze by 浙江小百花越剧团 Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe [华艺 HUAYI 2014] x
  4. 南海十三郎 The Mad Phoenix by 杜国威 Raymond To and 高志森 Clifton Ko x
  5. The House of Bernada Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca (Wild Rice Productions)
  6. White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour (Oliver Chong) [NUS ARTS FESTIVAL 2014] x
  7. Con$umed by Edith Podesta, Adrian Tan, Brian Gothong Tan and NUS Talents [NUS ARTS FESTIVAL 2014]
  8. Can You Kill Someone For Me? by Wang Liansheng, Samantha’s piece, Broken Shells by Hu Fangda – SRT The Young Co. [WRIT’ER’S GRADUATION]
  9. 天冷就回来 If There’re Seasons.. by Theatre Practice
  10. Rising Son by Dick Lee (SRT Stage Two)
  11. other/s by Elizabeth de Roza and Danny Yeo [Esplanade The Studios: RAW]
  12. Decimal Points 810 by Neo Kim Seng (Cake Theatrical Productions)
  13. Rant and Rave by The Finger Players [Esplanade The Studios 2014]
  14. Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare (SRT: Shakespeare in the Park)
  15. #UnicornMoment by Oon Shu An (Checkpoints Theatre)
  16. 安乐 Senang by Jean Tay (戏剧盒 Drama Box)
  17. The Boy Inside 男孩物语 by Wang Liansheng 王连声 [Esplanade The Studios: RAW]
  18. Dark Room x8 by Edith Podesta [Esplanade The Studios: RAW]
  19. Red by John Logan (Blank Space Theatre) [Esplanade The Studios]
  20. Butterfly by Ramesh Meyyappan [Esplanade The Studios]
  21. The Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman/Tectonic Theatre Project [SRT TYC Graduation Show]
  22. The Chorus: Oedipus (더 코로스: 오이디푸스) by Juk-Dal (단극: 죽달 ) [Singapore International Fesival of the Arts 2014] x
  23. Turn by Turn We Turn 掌中 by The Finger Players 十指帮
  24. Roots 根 by The Finger Players 十指帮
  25. Frozen by Bryony Lavery [Pangdemonium Productions]

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