At the time of posting there shall be exactly 10 days to the launch of both of these anthologies – the SingPoWriMo anthology and A Luxury We Cannot Afford.

Two of my writings will be in these books, therefore, another tick off my bucket list.

To the SingPoWriMo anthology I contributed the poem burgeoning. SingPoWriMo was a – should I say movement? – in the SingLit scene in April, where a grand total of 400 writers wrote a poem every day of the month, guided by prompts from Joshua Ip, Alvin Pang and Pooja Nansi. First off, I never even knew there were this many writers in SG! Or maybe a lot of them were also first-time writers like me, eager to step into the budding Lit scene in Singapore. Anyway, an anthology was born from this, with all manner of poetry forms like liwulis and haikus etc. along with a bunch of great poetry from poets known and unknown.

For A Luxury We Cannot Afford, I spotted the open call and just couldn’t resist. The title comes from a quote by a famous statesman in Singapore (one I have ardent admiration for) and was about how poetry was a luxury we couldn’t afford. Well, maybe back then. Now we have a bustling scene, and a rising cacophony (albeit a harmonious one) of voices. The poem I wrote for this, Machiavelli, is titled after one of the most important principles I was introduced to in his book. This anthology contains poems of deep-seated reverence (like mine) and also a good dose of blame/loathing, so whichever viewpoint you stand on with regards to this particular statesman, you’ll probably find a poem you can identify with.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful journey. I never thought I’d have my first works published before I even complete my 18th year, but it’s a good start. As I grow and learn, my poetry locks each mindset in a frame of words so that my growth is archived. Wrong steps, bad decisions, maybe even misguided sentiments, but I still learn and grow. Come and witness these two anthologies launching at The Arts House, 23 November, 4:00 PM! My ambition (and passion) have doubled in size and now I aim to have a book of my own before I turn 21! So.. more to come! Hint hint! 🙂

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