It’s definitely been a very dangerous few weeks. It’s the holidays, but I’m working everyday and wake up at 6.30AM and take a 1km hike to work. That’s in addition to freelancing, theatre, completing my last semester of translation, continuing with Korean and trying for my license in about a month’s time. Dangerously close to overwork and disillusionment, am I not? But of course, I know how to enjoy just as much (if not more) than I work. Work is play, and play is work for me. The way I see it, there is no other way to ensure productivity for me.


After reading a ton of good reviews, I decided to try Zinc’s hairstyling @ Centrepoint, and Nicky (the director) gave me a temporary perm to show me what it’d look like if I did perm my hair. Probably not, but I will be going back for rebonding because my hair just feels really unruly right now.

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After resisting for a few weeks, I decided that I needed some animal therapy to take my mind off things, and chose to go to a cat cafe with Jun. Lo and behold, I realized that cats are assholes. Probably not the best animals to go to for affection. Where are all the dog cafes in Singapore?!


After hitting Book Cafe for a few weeks solely for the Greek Yogurt, I (am very sorry to say that I) discovered Greek Yogurt at the nearby Cold Storage and have been pigging out on this for the past few days! The best combination, I find, is with bananas and dried cranberries.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetAlso decided to call Liansheng out for dinner before I went mad. I always think of him as my 知音 or 伯乐 and his company always soothes me! Headed to Poteato after attending the launch of Eclipse by Haresh Sharma and had a hearty meal and drinks there before we left for Clarke Quay for um, cake, coffee and yogurt. Hahaha. I feel like we always overeat when we’re out together. Hor, Lian?

IMG_7144Unedited photographic evidence of our overdosing that day. Goodness me! Sooner or later we both won’t be able to recognize each other from the back!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetPico, 1/3 BooksActually’s resident cat mafia bosses, being all sentimental on a stack of really interesting books. I kid you not, the cover of that book is layered with what seems to be torn pages of printed texture, and I really wanted to read them but what can you say when a cat decides to plop her royal behind on it and wax sentimental? You can only concede, really.


Had this special project to buy mooncakes for a few friends & family during Mid Autumn this year but as luck would have it, I forgot to buy for half of the people I intended to, not because I forgot them but because I forgot when Mid Autumn was. I didn’t realize it was over. Anyway, one of the only few I remembered to buy for was Liansheng, and I forgot to bring the box out on the day that we met. So this is his box of super cute chess piece mooncakes, that say 炮 cannon, 車 car, 馬 horse. Made a cup of 大红袍 The Big Red Robe, my favourite Chinese tea, and just.. enjoyed them on his behalf. Haha!

In the coming weeks I have a whole lot coming up. I am in the process of enjoying my holidays as well – I’m visiting a Chinese porcelain exhibition, as well as catching Roots & Turn by Turn We Turn with Bjorn in a few weeks, hopefully I’ll get photos of that, and definitely going for some self-relaxation time at a bunch of cafes (cough) and all! I know there is one week of November that’s really crazy for me – that’s the Writers’ Fest weekend, where there’s a Marco Polo translation event, tons of seminars, talks, workshops, panel discussions and debates to be at (oh so exciting!) and that’s also the dreaded week of my driving test! I’ll either drive out of BBDC for the last time ever, or.. crawl out.

So until the next update here, so long!

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