Once in a while, a friend achieves something and I, as a bystander, end up feeling immensely proud despite having done nothing. This is especially so when it’s a creative pursuit. I guess it’s the fact that you see growth, you see improvement, and whether small or big, these things take a lot of courage, wisdom, and aptitude. For this very reason, artists are people I admire endlessly for their gumption in taking something personal and putting it on stage, subject to criticism, and also for their relentless hard work – all the sleepless nights and mental/physical stress the audience doesn’t see. Congratulations, Liansheng! Another tick off your bucket list before moving on to the next endeavour. Thank you for writing this play, for the unique insights only you could have provided.  I’ll be looking forward to your next piece, and I do so hope this gets a proper staging!


Such an exciting year for all my friends who are literary artists! Plays being put up here and there, translations being worked on and poems being composed. What better motivation than them to write, write, write?

Waging war with the pen.

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