I am a little stunned, and to a large extent impressed by how tight-lipped people are after coming out of White Rabbit Red Rabbit.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that I didn’t know what the show was about when I went in. After all, I’m the sort to buy tickets blindly. But when I came out, I had already had my perspectives changed a few times. Should I be proud to say I’m the first person to step into the black box for the entire run of White Rabbit Red Rabbit? Nothing to be proud of, but still. The program booklet states that this play is a cold reading, meaning actors have never seen the script before, and will read it for the first time as they perform this play. The originality of this is apparent right from the beginning. Fangda and I were just discussing TV Tropes over dinner (it ruins your life) and when we walked out he was saying with a tinge of awe, “.. and we were just discussing originality just now.. this is it. This is the stuff.”

In other words, go and catch it. It’s a play that defies all theatrical conventions and goes straight for the jugular of your perspectives and soul.

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