“One resolution I have made and try always to keep is this: To rise above the little things,” John Burroughs.


2013 has come and gone by as quickly as it possibly could. If 2013 stood out more than other years in memory it was probably because it held so many vivid memories that I won’t be soon forgetting. It was another great year for me, and I’m glad to say I fulfilled almost all of my new year’s resolutions last year, which prompts me now to set a new list to accomplish.


  1. Faithfully journal in any language daily, and complete 1 year’s worth of the sentence journal (pictured above).
  2. Complete TOPIK Intermediate in October this year.
  3. Successfully graduate from my diploma in Translation and Interpretation.
  4. Save $2k in a year.
  5. Write 2 playlets and 7 poems.


  1. Be more independent – learn to manage time, finances, possessions and chores more efficiently.
  2. Learn to look at an issue from different angles and with clarity.
  3. Treat people sincerely, even if they’re insincere. To empathize and to seek understanding, not pass judgments.


Over the course of the year I’ve increasingly learnt the merits of being able to process things logically. I used to think being the wild child was just part of me, but this year one of my biggest successes has been in learning how to segregate the rational side of me and the wild child side of me. A crucial note though, is that I still do not consider myself any more logical. I have merely learnt how when I can be rational and when I can let the wild child out. I don’t necessarily believe a whole lot in logic because logic leaves no space for the kindnesses in life. However, as I have proved this year, being bad at math, and arguably, by extension, logic,  is not the same as being bad at problem-solving. Problem-solving is more a matter of being able to take a step back and process the issue at hand considering the sum of all its parts. I’m definitely better at that than I am at troubleshooting or pinpointing detailed steps to take. Not a very meticulous person, as everyone knows.

Another important thing I’ve gained this year is to distinguish between personal life and work life, and also to keep my emotions in check. It was a sobering lesson but it’s important not to expect that anyone will cut you slack even if you have gone through the most heartbreaking thing in the universe. Nobody is in your exact circumstance and nobody can fully empathize, so don’t expect it. Even in the most shattering of times this year I wasn’t cut any slack. People still expected me to function as well and as fully as I was without the emotional wounds. It’s not a surprise that I was taken aback especially since these people were the same ones I cut slack for, but that’s another story. I learnt a lesson from it, and I’m not jaded or cynical, but I think it’s best not to expect more than the basic that others can give.

After spending 1.5 semesters in HR, I’m glad to say I like this course more with each project. It’s probably safe to say that it’s due to the fact that these projects feel fresher and are more dynamic than regular schoolwork is. I love collaborating with my classmates to bring a project on its feet, I like the way I am more proficient at managing projects than anything else. It might be the only time the extroversion in me is really full-blown. This year I’ve also become more introverted, or as I was corrected, introspective. I have become slightly more controlled and live a little more in my head. I no longer recklessly charge at problems or prospects and I definitely am calmer even in day-to-day conversations. I guess my close friends will be most glad to hear of this if they haven’t already witnessed it first-hand!

With respect to relationships, many came and went this year. Yet for reasons I don’t know, I came to accept these rather peacefully and without fight. It’s not that these people weren’t important, because they were, but I really hope this means that I’ve come to accept that everyone is a passerby in my life and as they come and go they leave pieces of themselves behind that I can keep for ever. That’s a nice thought to conclude my learnings of 2013 with.




So here’s to 2014, a year of growing up pains, gains & losses and a new window of time to touch the world with. 🙂 Are you ready for it? Because I certainly am.

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