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It’s been a long while, hasn’t it?

These four weeks have been chockful of fun that doesn’t feel like it. I have no either why either, I’m just really lethargic most of the time. I renege on my appointments and push off actual work, which is really not like me. /sigh I need to get my head back in the game once more!

We had our final session of SRT writing classes on 7 December, less than a year after we began on 26 Jan 2013. The only thing left now will be a short presentation of our pieces in the later half of January which I’m really not quite looking forward to. I think my piece is really lacklustre compared to the rest of my classmates’. What can I say, it’s my hard work and my improvement over the past year.


After our last lesson with Bill we headed to Saizeriya for our last meal. I’ve had so many meals here in the past year because of SRT TYC and it only felt right to have our ‘last meal’ there! I always enjoy their company a great deal and spent the afternoon whiling time away at Esplanade with Liansheng. That place really feels like my refuge, it’s usually where I go after classes to indulge in books. :’) Funniest moment of the day would be when Liansheng and I were at Starbucks and we left our bags on the seat unattended. He asked me if it’d be safe and we simultaneously looked at each other and said, “But you can run fast right?” :’D


Headed to the airport on Monday morning to finish our marketing assignments. Jan and I stayed on after that and we spent the afternoon at KFC doing odd things. My darling girl tried to draw a caricature of me and she decided to take the photo before drawing the rest of my face because she was so sure she’d spoil it. Now that I look at it, Jan, the proportions aren’t slightly off, they’re completely crooked! ๐Ÿ™


Stayed in the airport till late evening to send my uncle off to Edinburgh and we enjoyed a good meal at TCC. Strangely, I don’t really fancy the food there. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve been craving kimbap too much (daily for 8 weeks and counting..) or that I have an obsession with the dark-sauce chicken that my mom cooks. It’s the best, really. It finally outran my addiction to her sesame-oil chicken with a good score of 11 months. It’s still going strong so.. keep ’em coming, Mom!


I don’t know much about visual/fine arts, but this art piece is certainly a very riveting one. It caught my attention every time we walked past it and the aviation symbols it formed were really meaningful. I recognized those symbols from watching Triumph in the Skies 2 so if you’re one of those drama detractors, hey, it’s educational!


Went to watch Tempest with Elainn at the end of that week. I’ve seen this girl the most number of times this entire holiday and I can’t say I dislike that. We started by spazzing about Heirs together and it soon grew to envelop us sharing a lot of our lives. I can safely say we’ve never been this close before. :’) You go girl!

Celebrated Jiatyan’s birthday at her place on Sunday with the Alpacas and it was pretty poignant. I mean, imagine 9 girls (full strength, finally!) talking at a table (rather rowdily) and the entire conversation stopping once someone so much as said, “Satay!” My girls are irreplaceable :’D We all went into a food coma cos we couldn’t stop eating – there was handmade pizza, salad, lasagna, apple cider, wagyu beef.. wagyu beef. I don’t know how much rare wagyu beef I ate but damn was it good! Oh, and she had a really pretty handmade lavender rose cake. You’re a blessed girl, aren’t you, Jiatyan? :’)


Finally had the opportunity to meet up with this woman! Went on a shopping trip after visiting Chinese Chambers to register for my second diploma in translation and we started at City Hall. For some reason neither of us shopped a lot that day, in fact, I don’t remember buying anything (which is, really, a borderline miracle) but we had some really good Korean food at bibigo. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been really addicted to Korean food recently, don’t ask me why either. Headed to Ion after that, but weย stillย didn’t get anything. Now that I think of it it’s really pretty ridiculous..



Thomas gor tied the knot at Marina Mandarin just this weekend and attending his wedding felt surreal. Thomas gor, along with Vincent gor (above) have known me since they were NSmen and I was in primary school. They’ve known me for a mighty long time (witnessed numerous embarrassing incidents) and now both are married and Vincent gor even has a really cute boy! Time does fly by and meetings like these remind me to cherish every single moment, lest I regret anything at all.


Spent Christmas with my Godpa’s family at the annual Christmas party and had loads of fun! Seeing the entire extended family and watching the kids grow up year after year (as well as feeling all self-satisfied that I’m no longer in the children category) makes for a really good time. Also, the food is all homecooked and that melon float I’m holding above is also homemade, so you won’t find it for retail anywhere. Be very jealous, because that stuff was dope. I wish I could cook even half as well as they can! We ended up playing mahjong till 4.30AM in the morning and I was stoned. Literally playing mahjong without knowing what I was doing (which is never a good strategy to adopt) but at least I won back everything!


These holidays have mostly been spent at home lazing around. Very uncharacteristic of me, indeed. Probably have to find some way to get myself up and kicking but in any case, I still enjoyed the holidays because of my dramas and reality/variety shows ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is a prelude to my next post, so stay tuned!

I have been focusing a lot more on languages instead of creative writing ever since I left SRT, so I’ve been brushing up on my Korean the entire holiday. I think I’ve improved a fair bit, but every time I feel like patting myself on the back I realize how much more there is to learn. It’s never ending, I guess, and not a quantifiable amount. I do really intend to master this language though. I can foresee myself becoming increasingly confused between my four languages, especially when I have to put more emphasis on Chinese with my second diploma next year. I often catch myself speaking in Korean to my grandma by accident, or lapse into Cantonese when talking to my friends all of a sudden. It’s strange, but it just goes to show how some ideas are better expressed in certain languages, more so than others. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s just me learning to appreciate the nuances of languages more and more.

Merry Christmas, y’all! ์ƒˆํ•ด ๋ณต ๋งŽ์ด ๋ฐ›์œผ์„ธ์š”!

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