Packed up and hightailed it to Batam on Friday because I was feeling exceptionally cooped up and restricted. We’d booked a suite at Tempat Senang, a secluded resort in Batam, to enjoy and relax for a few days. It’s just been very overwhelming recently (which is odd cuz this is the holidays isn’t it) but I’ve just been trying to tolerate it until I realized there’s only so much rubbish I can take. I wasn’t stressed, just feeling terribly uninspired, which is never a good state to be living in.

We took a ferry to Batam early in the morning and reached the resort about 9AM. Headed first for two back to back spa massages which were holy grail. If you guys visit Tempat Senang, and like gentle, warm massages, try the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and the Hot Herbal Compress. I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.

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Before the spa. The bamboo gives the whole place a really homely feel.

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In the spa room. Crazy cozy! 

To give you an idea of how shiok the massage is, I slept the whole way through. When the masseuse asked me to flip, I just flipped, and then continued sleeping. The Lomi Lomi uses the forearms in wave-like motions which are soothing and relaxes large areas of muscle gently. The Hot Herbal Compress uses 2 steamed herbal sachets to pound and then work heat into your muscles! Both very therapeutic. Each massage is worth SGD 50 which is pretty cheap compared to local prices!

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After the spa. 

Day 1 OOTD: Black fitted hoodie – Uniqlo, chain camisole – Uniqlo, black harem pants – Uniqlo. Yes, I am a Uniqlo girl.

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My wonderful mommy! 🙂 Das right, I’m a mommy’s girl.


Ever youthful aunt. She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since I first met her!


My one and only Cowfu. 🙂 

Had a sumptuous lunch of nasi champor and baked pizza which, my goodness, was heavenly. The handmade pizza gives Pizzahut a serious run for their money! I requested for ham, mushroom and pineapple, which might actually be a healthier and better combination than the normal Hawaiian that I love!

Headed to Nagoya Hill shopping centre after that. Honestly, I was looking for a bunch of cheap deals to spruce up my wardrobe but only found two. Bought a lace panel chiffon blouse and a red infinity belt from The Executive as well as a galaxy blouse (which I’m sure y’all will see up here soon).

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Second OOTD – off for shopping!

Day 1 OOTD: White pouf sleeve top – Uniqlo, rose gold teardrop necklace – pushcart, green frilled maxi skirt – pushcart, nude gladiator sandals – leather shop in Bukit Timah.

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Found an A&W and got a root beer float. Score!

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Went back to the resort to enjoy our dinner of the famed Beer Can chicken, which, when served on the table, really looks like a chicken with a beer can up its ass. Tastes nothing like it looks though, it is absolutely savoury. We cut the chicken into quarters and the thigh was so juicy and tender – I can’t even describe it sufficiently! Wish they sold such odd delicacies in Singapore.


Chicken with the beer can up its ass.

Had an early night and I watched Cloud Atlas and Inception. Honestly, I dislike Cloud Atlas. It lost me in the first fifteen minutes and from then on it was really a lost fight. Inception was minimally better but I didn’t like it very much as well. The premise and concept are fantastic but sci-fi movies are just not my thing. Good for you geeks, this must have been like a treat from Heaven.


Day 2 Breakfast!

Second day – time to start work. I don’t know if you can see but I was working on one of my scripts tediously with the 36 Dramatic Situations and Soriau’s Six Functions. As well as comprehensive notes and stage setting drawings from my time reading up on theory. Polished up one or two scripts but didn’t write anything new. Sigh. Told you being uninspired was a terrible way to be living. 🙁

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My working alcove.


OOTD Day 2: Grey asymmetrical maxi – Uniqlo, gold bohemian buckle bracelet – Scape Underground, silver crystal C necklace – pushcart.

The rest had gone on a tour of Batam’s Six Bridges which honestly didn’t interest me because.. it’s just a bridge. Spent my time chilling around the resort writing before I decided to go and explore. Then the urge to swim hit me like a comet and in a moment of craziness I went to buy swimwear and go for a dip! Had to cool off, it was so sunny.

Relaxed myself in the pool before getting up to shower and went upstairs to continue my day’s work. Ordered a fruit salad w/ yogurt and sat down with my iPod in my ears and Complicite’s A Disappearing Number in my hands. Ah, bliss.


I must say, this play really fascinates me. Especially Simon McBurney. For someone with such astute directorial artistic vision, he can also write a text based on the relationship between mathematicians and physicists (which, arguably, is on the other end of the creative spectrum) that is in turn based on complicated mathematics such as partition function, zeta function and whatnot. Of course, for someone who cowers at the mere mention of infinity as a mathematical concept, all the beauty of numbers to be found in there simply whizzed over my head, but I enjoyed the text as a mesh of both ends of the spectrum, and have a deep-seated respect for Simon McBurney and Complicite’s work now – as if I didn’t have enough after Shun-Kin!

Went back to the room and caught one of the best shows I have ever watched – This Means War. Honestly, it’s not easy for a movie to catch my attention but.. but.. CHRIS PINE.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why I was rooting for FDR all the way, right?

It was good but I feel more could’ve been done with the whole Heinrich scenario. It almost felt like Heinrich was just put in there to antagonize the situation or to provide a conflict. If it had been developed a little further and longer, who knows?

Dinner, then back to bed. Honestly, I was dead beat.


Chocolate fondue. Not to my liking.

Last day – woke up for a buffet breakfast and then headed for another spa session! Maybe I should call it physiotherapy because for me that’s really what it is. My shoulder muscles are so tense that if someone so much as squeezes it, I’d bend and shirk from the pressure. It is that stiff and painful! They’re much more relaxed now – I repeated the Hot Herbal Compress.

Packed up and headed back to Sekupang ferry terminal. Had to leave with a last purchase of a Ralph Lauren polo in navy blue w/ red embroidery though! Ahhh, I’m such a sucker for those colours.


Day 3 OOTD: Black merino cardigan – Uniqlo, pink swallow camisole – Uniqlo, rust lounge pants – Uniqlo, gladiator sandals – leather shop in Bukit Timah. You see, told you I’m a Uniqlo kinda girl.

Oh, and the ferry was playing Just for Laughs videos and when I watched this i just couldn’t stop laughing!


It was all fine until I saw the dog running the hell away from the zombie, then I completely lost it.

Pictures of the resort for those who might be interested in visiting:

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Mini pool.

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Even a saltwater pool for those who don’t like feeling landlocked.


Tell me this is not the freakiest doorknob you’ve ever seen.


A very, er, warm welcome.

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Ceramic storks which look positively rustic.

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A gateway to Heaven, perhaps?

Overall, my experience was a positive one – I’ll definitely be back for more weekend getaways! I do wish I had had more time there – I mean, there’s wi-fi, there’s scenery, there’s a peaceful and tranquil ambience, there’s spas and massages – what’s not to love? Oh, and lastly, the post is called Chempaka is because the fragrance in all our rooms is called Chempaka! Grown accustomed to the smell over a few days. 🙂




Ciao, until disillusionment or cheer next hits me.

Tempat Senang
Tel: +62-778-325-616
Mobile: +62-813-644-19313

While I’m at it – my playlist for the trip:

  爱是最大权利 LOVE IS THE BIGGEST RIGHT – Ping Pung
니가 뭔데 WHO YOU? – GD
I’ve Been – Next to Normal
Light in The Dark – Next to Normal
Why Stay? – Next to Normal
Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling – Next to Normal
Hey #3/Perfect For You – Next to Normal
Take Me Home – Nathan Hartono
Thinking ‘Bout Love – Nathan Hartono

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