Write a public love letter to someone in your life.

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Dear you,

Many people have tried to define life, but my favourite definition by far is this: “Life is an accumulation of miraculous meetings, and it’s unpredictable.”

Do you know what my chances of meeting you were? Almost the same as the odds of catching lightning. In such a huge crowd, not only did I manage to suss you out, I had the privilege of getting to know you. Isn’t that a miracle? A beautiful collision of fates? Intricate intertwining of two otherwise unconcerned, unrelated lives?

What then, are the odds of me loving you for who you are?

And to think all of this is stark truth and none of it is romanticized.

It’s exactly because this is so rare that your role in my life was redefined to someone of paramount importance. Someone to be treated with utmost respect and cherished. Someone to be grateful for. You took on all these new roles in my life and I hope you don’t regret any of it.

When our intertwining lives finally break free from the woven fabric, it will be time to part and go our separate ways, bounding toward different futures.

Perhaps it’s also because we’ve had this chance encounter that I feel no compulsion to forcefully get you to stay or insist that you reciprocate anything.

Even as you leave you have created imprints on my life that I will be hard-pressed to erase. I carry your memory like a glimmer of sunshine in the deepest recesses of my heart. There is no way to stop loving someone, only that with time you learn to function without them. You will be the part of my life I never regret, the memory I will fondly remember in a decade or two, the love that I know I had not given in vain.

Lingering thoughts would be that I wish I could let you see yourself through my eyes, let you witness first-hand what I see in you. I will keep your sunshines in my pockets so that I can give them back to you when the torrents of rain come.

There is a very subtle difference in knowing when to give up and when to persist. I have given it my all, and I regret nothing. Your happiness is mine as well and whether you move mountains or whisper to the pebbles I will be equally proud of you. When you have nothing left to offer the world and are broken, I am here for you. When you have given your entire being up for a cause or created something for the world to marvel at, I am here to rejoice with you. And whatever the circumstance, whenever it is – I am always here, full of love for you.

Always true to self,


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