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I know, this post is almost a week late, but I have gone through a week of hellish activities, but that’s material for the next post, so let’s focus.

First of all, what a wonderful production!

Once again, The Finger Players have gone above and beyond my expectations and left me in awe. Just look at the picture, and you’ll get what I mean.

I would have written this sooner and recommended it to more people, but I feel bad publicizing a show that sold out its full run – so you catch it the next chance you have, okay!

What impressed me the most about this production, in a nutshell, is that the stagecraft is simply magnificent. The entire stage is a giant blackboard – designs were drawn again and again using chalk and wiped off with wet cloths. There were specially designed 360-degree projectors and puppets. What’s not to love? The sound design was (literally) ground-shaking and I think these are so crucial to the play. People may only appreciate what’s on stage, but there is due recognition to be given also to the backstage crew.

I think it’s funny how for every production I go for – if it’s the right time for me to experience it – there will be ‘coincidental’ happenings that are a little too coincidental to be true. Along the week, words like karma, cyclical, 成全 (fulfillment of something), 还原 (returning to ground zero) have been floating around in my head due to several events. When a play has backing like this, the emotional investment and thus emotional catharsis/harvest is way richer.

This play dealt with a myriad of big themes: death, religion, familial ties, etc. and they were a little ambitious and touch-and-go with everything but I think overall they did manage to get the scaffolding covered. It’s just that I was not as emotionally involved as I would have liked to be. I could only feel a distant tugging at my heartstrings and I was a little distracted from the storyline with the splendid stagecraft. Yet this is a show that is truly one-of-a-kind, and what’s more, please do go and read articles from UrbanKulit and the video interviews that OZ Kaleidoscope uploaded and you will be pleasantly surprised by the ‘coincidences’ that took place in the creation of this work as well! 🙂

Alright, off to bed.

PS: The Finger Players are bringing back Roots for their season next year – don’t miss it! I’m warning you!

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