fat pig

Got up today and immediately felt like something was very, very wrong.

Then I realized, at 10.50AM, that’s probably about the time I ought to be at TYC already. :'(

I may have mentioned to some before that we have no more regular weekly classes, just fortnightly meetings and workshops. I’ve been feeling the pang since leaving class – this whole week I’ve been an emotional trainwreck, then caught a flu bug, and been unnecessarily stressed out by unforeseen circumstances. Sounds like a terrible week, eh?

The only thing I had to look forward to was Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig, produced by Yellow Chair Productions today, to allay the pervasive sense of loss and emptiness that I’ve been grappling with all week.

Anyway, I met Elainn after Korean class today (thanks babe for agreeing to catch this production with me) and headed to Bugis+ where we shopped and had a great dinner at Manhattan Fish Market! She’s like this professional shopping buddy a.k.a friend who rejoices in telling you how ugly you’d look in *THAT*. We arrived at the Drama Centre in the nick of time!

Thoughts on the play as a whole: I felt like I got the gist of the play, but I wasn’t emotionally involved enough with the characters. The accents were distracting, the delivery was not truly “there” and I just couldn’t relate. I felt a twinge in my heart at the last scene, but other than that, all that was left to entertain was the comedy.

Issues-wise, I think more than just the ideals of beauty, self-image and the other issues that the programme said the play would deal with (and it did), I got more insights into love than anything else.

No one can truly answer concretely what is love, but let’s think about this for a second. Is love only between two people? What happens when the outside forces and circumstances that you can’t ignore (i.e. family, friends, society at large) come into play? Who do you listen to and heed? Is love capable of covering anything and everything? Perhaps it is too much to expect love to be able to encompass all the nasty things that can be thrown at two people in a relationship? Or maybe it’s what should be expected? How honest should we be in a relationship to quantify as truly ‘honest’? If one person holds back communicating in the name of protecting the other half, is he right or is he wrong?

The emotional moment of the play came for me in the last scene. I felt so much for Helen as she watched Tom disintegrate before her eyes. How painful it must be to be her in that moment in time – watching the man you love crumble because of issues that you introduced to the relationship, yet not being able to do anything about it.

Overall – a good day spent out with Elainn & boy oh boy I really do want/need to shop. It’s just that every time new shows come up, they are automatically propelled to the top of my wants list, and other things are pushed down again and again. No regrets though!

If you haven’t caught the play, you can get your tickets from TicketMash. 🙂

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