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I had to start this post with a baby picture that I recently scanned into my laptop. Trying to go through all my baby photos and archive them. 🙂 Ain’t I cute? This is probably the only time where I can say I am cute and not have people call for my demise, haha! It’s Lunar New Year’s eve and I’m clutching a red packet. I have a night light – my favourite – which I used to abuse by pressing incessantly and annoying everyone. That book in the corner is my bedtime story for the night, so now you know where I got my linguistic ability. It was nurtured from a very, very young age. Thank you Mummy 🙂

These few days have been chockful of theatre, theatre, theatre. And I love every moment of it. I realize that in this six months I’ve been delving deeper and deeper into theatre and I’m only piercing the top of the ice.

First of all, I bid a very sombre goodbye to 编剧操练营 (Playwright’s Boot Camp) by 实践剧场 (Theatre Practice) and I must say, the past 4 weeks have been very intellectually stimulating. I felt really empty after it ended because I had no more Mondays to look forward to. 🙁 I’m looking forward to the year-end production!


Secondly, I caught Illogic by Cake Theatre. I’m going to say I liked it and that it was a theatre spectacle but not much more because how do you review something that you do not truly understand? I just sat there and let it wash over me like a wave. 🙂 It’s been so long since I let any piece do that, and it was liberating in some way. I must say this though, Edith Podesta and Noorlinah Mohamed are a lethal combination as actresses.

Had cake after that because.. you simply must have cake to go with.. Cake. 🙂


My Sacher cake (chocolate w/ coffee)


Mom’s coffee cake


Met my SRT TYC playwrights early this morning after a week-long break in which I missed them all to death 🙁 I can’t really imagine not meeting them for extended periods of time. They are wonderful company, not just as people, but as deep thinking intellectuals who provoke my mental faculties and use bombastic words like these to crack jokes.

If there’s anything I took away from the dramatized reading that day (even though I’m not going to continue the piece I workshopped), it’s that I now have a real direction to work towards. I feel like that day pointed me towards a certain direction to expand my play. I’m still quite unsure of what genre to write in but we could always experiment. Preparing for the full-length piece in September is quite a stretch though so I shall try my best to rewrite something every week.

During class we were discussing Curry Tales because many, many theatre practitioners raved about this. All of us were intrigued to say the least. Liansheng and I decided on the spot to get tickets for the matinee show. Spontaneous, yes? We like to live youthful.


I have so much praise for this show!!

Performed by one woman, director of Rasa (UK), Rani Moorthy, it’s about six women and their links to curry. Of course, there are different styles in cooking curry, and each woman’s pot of curry has a story to be told.

From the get-go, Rani Moorthy was a riot. Her wit and comedic style make the play truly entertaining and captivating. Although there were occasional unfamiliar references, they were not hard to understand within context. What impressed me about this play, however, was not just its wit, but also its emotional depth. Rani managed to manoeuvre her way between light-hearted comedy and emotional depth very well. I didn’t feel shortchanged on the emotional aspect as I tend to be with many of such plays. Also, there was a pot of curry cooking for every story she had, so I pretty much had copious amounts of curries which all tasted different and oh-so-good. I’d advise sitting in the front row, though. As Rani herself said, “Sit in the front row, you get humiliated. Sit in the back row, you don’t get food.” Which is the sorrier fate? You decide.

Overall, I really enjoyed today. There’s just something so calming with being around close friends who are introverts (many of them are, actually) and I’ve been stressed out over a few competitions of late. I need to destress!!

Before I begin tearing my hair out, I shall go and watch 爱情限量版 and enjoy a drink.

Cheerios, till the next.


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