Because Jean & I haven’t seen each other in a drastically long period of time, we bought tickets to see Venus in Fur on 23 Mar, Sat, and halfway through the week we decided that we needed to start a new project namely picking up a completely new art form called needle felting. Doesn’t that make you wonder what the hell we talk about together? Well, we had to get supplies and after minimal googling we realized that all we needed was in Chinatown, so we basically spent the entire day shuttling from Bras Basah -> Chinatown -> Clarke Quay. Now you know where my ez-link money went. And in case you don’t know what needle felting is, here’s a short clip of it as introduced by one of my favourite makeup artists, bubzbeauty.


As for what project it is – shhh. 🙂


Tried to walk from Clarke Quay to DBS Arts Centre but I got lost again. Seriously, you’d think that having classes there every Saturday and having gone to more than 3 productions would have given me some sort of direction sense but no I still get lost every single time I try to go to a production. Anyway, this time we ended up across the road from the back of UE Square which is probably a few steps closer than I was the previous time. Hailed a cab and hightailed it to DBS Arts Centre because we were a sliver away from being late D: And this show has no intermission!

Venus in Fur was, least to say, very unconventional. It’s not often you get to see this level of exposure in theatre. It had a lot of layers and sublime messages so I’d say I enjoyed it marginally more than a few other plays I’ve watched, but not to the extent that I’d love it. SRT is still very much expat theatre and I do enjoy local pieces more occasionally.


After the play, we were both crazy tired, so we just took a cab back to CCK and had supper. And what’s open at CCK with aircon at 10pm? That’s right, Mcdonalds.


I must say I really love the honey chicken drumlets that they sell now. It is rather pricey but it’s just so good as a snack after Korean class or as a cheer-me-up supper treat.

Anyway, we ended up doing an online How Well Do You Know Your BFF quiz and the results shocked us both cos she was the better friend! Oh gosh oh gosh. But I realized we do know quite a lot of personal details about each other. Having said that, if anyone ever recovers old Facebook messages or texts of ours and broadcasts them to the world, we are both doomed. D:

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