I am seventeen!

It seems like such a huge number now after one year of telling everyone I’m sixteen. A huge thank you to all who took time to text/write on my fb wall/call to send me well-wishes.

But first, a few people I wanna thank – Wilson (for being the first), Jean (who got me our first present in our kiamsiap friendship), Weetiong (who also got me a present), Rachel (who created a mashup of 37 Westlife songs to make a message for me), Eunice (sent me a wall of words), Tina (was there through it all xoxo) and Buddy (distracted me while I was sick and made the day’s discussions fruitful).

One thing I know for sure – the best friends on this planet are mine.

Took the chance to troll everyone who supported Arsenal in today’s match. What? It’s my name. I was born with the rights to troll.

Anyhoo, my mom, Cowfu and I took to Teoheng to celebrate with 6 hours of karaoke (yeah, I’m an addict) and it was comparable to Kbox. Granted the room is more plain and I couldn’t find the shuffle button but the song selections are commendable and the sound system is good. Plus I didn’t have to worry about tripping over wires. Had good food also, because you can bring your own food in! (Y)

Went for dinner afterward. Nothing special, but it’s family that counts.

Dry heaved for a full hour after that because my stomach is a scumbag. It was extremely uncomfortable and not a welcome event on my birthday. D:

Guess the highlight of today would be that I somehow got myself wedged between two sofas during the karaoke session. Just goes to show some things just don’t change with age.. and there is no such thing as aging gracefully.

Till the next time, ciao!

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